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Mission Statement
Mission Statement
Mission Statement
Mission Statement
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A leading software vendor in the health care informatics industry for 31 years, MARDON EDP provides integrated software solutions that meet the information needs of health care organizations worldwide.
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Services - Training

Mardon recognizes the uniqueness of our clientele. We service a specialized marketplace; geographically remote and resource limited. For this reason, Mardon places special emphasis on training and makes training both available and affordable to our clients. Mardon charges a daily rate, which is about one half of the industry standard, plus our actual travel expenses.

Initial Training
The price of the Mardon system could include up to 100 man-days of training. This ensures that the key personnel in each department will have access to training during the installation and conversion. Initial training can be conducted on-site or at a Mardon training center, and is done one-on-one or in a group setting. Each application is considered separately and then interactively within the system.

New Employee Training
When a new department head or other key person joins your facility, Mardon recommends on-site training in the applications for which that person is responsible. This type of training not only helps ensure the facility of a high level of proficiency, it also helps establish a bond between the employee and the Mardon group.

New Program/Release Training
When there is a new release or major enhancement of software offered, there may be additional training required. This could be done on-site or at a users group meeting.

Emergency Training
Mardon’s staff is always available to conduct emergency training by telephone. Although this is not encourages, and the scope of the training is limited, it is one of the services that sets Mardon apart from other vendors. There is usually no charge for this service.