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Mission Statement
Mission Statement
Mission Statement
Mission Statement
Mission Statement
Advisory Board

A leading software vendor in the health care informatics industry for 31 years, MARDON EDP provides integrated software solutions that meet the information needs of
health care organizations worldwide.
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Security Systems

Secure Remote Login
HIPAA compliance

Security Project leaders determine levels of data access for the system by determining:

  • Who has access, when, from where and for how long
  • Information detail level of access requirements
  • Tracking access to specific data records, changes, time, and movement
  • Mobile device data access parameters and requirements
  • Temporary access for Specialty groups (i.e. Emergency Room Physicians) that need to view patients historical Medical Records for timely treatment Each user will be assigned its own VPN Network access address to track their activity.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery technical fail-safes are:

  • Multiple levels of systems recovery capability designed into the overall design
  • Each forms data entry automatically updates the Mardon Host Server and the ASP Center Live.  This is necessary to provide data on-demand 24/7/365. Systems design provides multiple disaster  recovery backups daily to multiple levels of systems
  • Fail Safe:   In order for captured data to be lost, all of the following technical systems will need to fail at the same time:
    • Individual P/C providing the source document information
    • Department level computers supplying source information (I.e. X-Ray results)
    • Hospital Host Server
    • Third Party Systems providing source data (I.e.  Lab test results)
    • Mardon Host Server for EFP
    • ASP Center Host Server for EFP
    • NAS (Network Accessible Storage) Systems Live Backup, plus tape backup
    • Off - Site NAS System and tape backup